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Vertical Lathe (VTL, CNC)

VTL series CNC double column vertical turning lathe can automatically cut various workpieces made of iron metal and ally, non-ferrous metal and non-metal materials. Spherical surface, cylinder surface, cone, thread, end surfaces, inner and external groove can be cut. The vertical lathe can carry out cutting with surface constant velocity. The lathe is suitable for large components machining in the industries of heavy duty machinery, power generation, shipbuilding, metallurgy and etc.

1. Excellent casting (HT250) is handled by heat aging.

2. The beam guide is handled by supersonic frequency induction hardening and it adopts rolling-sliding compound type. The vertical tool holder utilizes square type ram (QT600-3), which can realize heavy cutting.

3. Independent hydraulic station is possessed, which facilitates adjustment, repair and maintenance.

4. High-precision variable speed gear (Grade 6) and high-precision spiral bevel gear (Grade 6 gear grading) are featured with low noise and high rotary precision.

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