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CNC Single Column VTL




■The product is in Pro version with professional design which are extremely suitable for heavy-load cutting.


■Ram guideway is conducted with supersonic frequency quenching treatment (higher than HRC50) with the characteristics of durable service.


■The independent electric cabinet is equipped with air conditioner for refrigerating, which prolongs the reliability and service life of the electric parts significantly, facilitates repair and maintenance, and is free from the influence of machine vibration.


■P3 high-precision lead screw produced by Nanjing Process or Taiwan HIWIN (P1 is the highest and P6 is the lowest degree), and imported bearing support.


■High-precision transmission gear (6 grades) and high-precision spiral bevel gear (6 grades) with low noise and high rotary precision.


■All the castings are made of High Grad Casting at least which is treated with artificial heat ageing, high-quality processing and improved assembly process. All the functional parts and electric parts are in high quality with high reliability.The improved after-sales service and 1-year quality assurance service are available.

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